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As a Naturopath, I want to know what's really driving you - the underlying cause.

I will be questioning from all sorts of aspects, from diet and digestion to sleep and your family's health.

All your information is like puzzle pieces. They will be utilised to put together to find out what's missing in your health. Initial consultation takes 1.5hr, and follow up consultation will be approx. 45minutes. 


We have range of tests available to see clear picture of what's happening in your body, it can be done within the consultation, and some tests can be done at home - with clear instruction. 

If I suspect a particular disease/condition, then appropriate investigative and functional tests will be referred to General Practitioner or Laboratory. For more information, click below. 

Let's find out what's really happening in your body.


Got cough, cold, flu? Temporary digestive upset? This 15minutes consultation provides acute treatment plan in order to help you getting rid of acute illnesses. Natural medicines for symptomatic relief will be prescribed. 

Acute appointment is also suitable for injuries and children's condition such as nappy rash, ear infection, coughing. 



At the end of each consultation, you will receive a personalised health plan which include diet, life style suggestions as well as nutritional/herbal supplements when necessary. My policy is to provide you a simple treatment plan that you are comfortable with. So don't worry, I am not going to through 100s of new things at you.

I am here to support you to meet your optimal health - at your pace. See more info from below.



Do you know what you are carrying? is that muscle, fat or fluid?Do you know your quality of your muscle and cellular health? I use TGA approved, scientifically validated test which is safe and painless. All you need to do is just lie down and relax. This test is beneficial to monitor and manage your body composition, increase muscle tone and fitness, support energy levels and support healthy ageing. 



I prescribe therapeutic dose of practitioner only supplements which is not only high quality, but also evidence based. As a Naturopath, I aim to restore and maintain your body's balance mentally and physically. None of essential nutrients can be missed and maybe we may need extra support using herb's powerful healing effects from time to time. Let them help to fill your missing part of health puzzle.    

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